No Child Should Drown

No Child Should Drown

71% of all UK child drownings happen between May & August – #drowningpreventionweek is here to raise awareness of the dangers of open water sites such as canals, reservoirs and rivers! 

Click here to watch a water safety video filmed in the Wakefield district. In this video Caleb jumps into the water following pressure from his friends and does not resurface. His friends call the emergency services and a body is retrieved from the water. Later on in the video, we watch as his family and friends celebrate his 18th Birthday without him. 

In the last 5 years, 119 children have accidently drowning in the UK.

Never enter the water, even if you can swim! Hidden dangers and cold water shock will reduce your ability to swim and ultimately can kill you. Think about the consequences and the people you leave behind if you pass away.

When the weather is warm we know it is very tempting for children and young people to want to cool off in water. Please advise them that if they are going to go swimming to do this in a safer place where there are lifeguards present. There are a number of Aspire swimming pools located across the Wakefield district which are open to the public and also offer swimming lessons. To find out more, please click here.

WSCP have a dedicated water safety webpage, which contains key safety messages for children and young people about how to stay safe in and around the water, and additional advice and information about what to do if they get into difficulty. The webpage also contains some hard hitting videos to bring home the reality of the dangers of water and there are resources available for all ages. There is also a new section about water safety whilst on holiday.

Calling all professionals – please share all of this important information with any children and families that you work with, so they are aware of the dangers and what to do in an emergency!

Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership