Work to improve safety on the M62 in West Yorkshire to continue to next phase

The upgrade of the steel reservation barrier to concrete and the introduction of energy efficient LED lighting around junction 27 at Gildersome – which started in April – is nearly complete.

In December, this work will move further east between junction 28 (Tingley) and 29 (Lofthouse),and is due to finish in September 2023. Some traffic management will remain in place at junction 27 for additional bridge repairs.

National Highways is also finalising plans for other essential upgrade work between junctions 27 (Gildersome) and 26 (Chain Bar). This will include a new emergency area, drainage upgrades and new CCTV.

M62 West, smart motorwayM62 West, smart motorway
M62 West, smart motorway

Paul Unwin, National Highways Regional Sponsor, said: “We are grateful for the patience of road users while we’ve been carrying out these important safety upgrades. We’re pleased to be making progress and will continue to do all we can to keep disruption to a minimum as we enter the next stages. However, we do expect that delays could be severe at peak times, so we are encouraging drivers to plan their journeys to avoid these times if possible.” 

A series of upgrade schemes have been taking place on the motorways including the M62 across West Yorkshire recently.

National Highways is today taking the opportunity to remind drivers of the progress made so far – and provide an update about the works about to start. This includes:

Work ongoing to repair a bridge at junction 27 of the M62 (Gildersome). This is due to be completed by the beginning of November, with traffic management completely removed from the central reserve in both directions by the middle of the month.

Work starting in December on changing a 2.8-mile section of steel reservation barrier to concrete and installing energy efficient LED lights on the M62 between junction 28 (Tingley) and 29 (Lofthouse).

Essential waterproofing work is set to begin on two bridges that carry the M62 over Tingley Interchange at Junction 28. This work protects the bridge joints and structure from rainwater damage, reducing the need for emergency repairs in the future.  To carry this out safely, the eastbound bridge section of the M62 at Junction 28 will be closed from 8pm on Friday 28 October until 5am on Monday 31 October.  

Plans are being finalised for other essential upgrade work and maintenance schemes on the M62 between junctions 27 (Gildersome) and 26 (Chain Bar). This will include drainage upgrades and renewed CCTV in the verges of the westbound carriageway. This will be higher specification CCTV, repositioned to provide even better coverage. There will also be a new emergency area on the eastbound carriageway, along with drainage improvements and new CCTV. The date of this work will be confirmed shortly. Further phases of this particular piece of work are expected to begin in January 2023, with the upgrade due to be complete in summer 2023.

In addition to these works on the M62, work also started in September to replace more than two miles of steel central barrier with concrete on the M1 between junction 42 (Lofthouse) and 43 (Belle Isle), and on the M621 near junction 7 (Stourton).

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