WSCP Launches Instagram Page for Children & Young People – “KeepYaMatesSafe”

WSCP Launches Instagram Page for Children & Young People – “KeepYaMatesSafe”

WSCP have recently launched an Instagram page designed for Children and Young People with the Instagram handle


Our aim is to promote safeguarding messages to children, through a platform we know so many of them use and love. We have already started to post content on Water Safety, Cold Water Shock and how to Float to Live, and through a collaboration with WF-I-Can, signposting to where Children can receive support on a range of subjects!

As this is a partnership Instagram page, we plan to work alongside the various agencies to get messages and graphics out to Children & Young People on a range of topics!  If you have any key safety messages/imagery to share with Children & Young People, please do let us know at and we can promote it on this page!

Feel free to share this page far and wide within your networks and to any Children & Young People you work with or live alongside! Click here to check out our page. Go on… go give us a follow! 😉

The account will be hosted by Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership’s Business Team.

Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership