Nappy Sacks Warning

Nappy Sacks Warning

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) are warning parents/carers that nappy sacks can kill small babies. They naturally grasp things and pull them to their mouths, but then find it difficult to let go.

Flimsy nappy sacks can easily cling to a baby’s face as they breathe in and can cause suffocation or choking.

Please help CAPT by getting this message out to parents/carers.

What can you do?

Visit CAPT’s nappy sack webpages to learn more about the risks and how to keep babies safe.

Display their brand new nappy sacks poster (as featured above) which highlights the dangers. You can use it to start a quick conversation with parents/carers who may be completely unaware of the danger.

Print off CAPT’s Breathe Easy fact sheet with tips on nappy sacks and other threats to breathing.

Use CAPT’s translated fact sheets for parents/carers who speak Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Polish, Arabic or Welsh.

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